A digital design and mobile development company that creates dynamic Apple and Android applications 

Apptimize Group is a North By Northwest LLC Company




We will work with you to review and understand your idea. Working together, we will apply some basic principles of design thinking to create a viable product and achievable feature set for your app. 


Developing a project road map with clearly understood shared milestones and key dates allows us to work closely with our clients. It also keep us on track to deliver your solution on time with minimal surprises along the way. 


We follow an iterative process when building an app. You'll be actively involved in the testing and validation process. We will incorporate your feedback as part to the development process. Once we have the final build tested and validated, we will work with you to deliver a go live communication plan to support the launch. 



APPTIMIZE Group is a digital design and consulting company that creates Apple and Adroid mobile applications. Our focus is to create simple and useful dynamic mobile apps that make for a memorable customer experience.

When we work with our clients, the approach is to clearly understand your business goals and objectives as we work together to create a mobile integrated solution. We understand technology and use this knowledge to create a solution that will work for you and your clients.

Our objective is to create an app that is intuitive, useful, simple and easy for customers and prospects to stay connected to you. We create mobile apps that people share with others, resulting in better brand recognition and increased revenue.

At APPTIMZE Group, we believe that an app is an extension of your brand and we will work with you to achieve your vision.